Why didn't my spray tan work out? The 6 little know spray tan tips you have to read.

Heidi Reid

Posted on January 19 2015

Had a client tell you their spray tan is too light, or that their spray tan didn't work properly?  Here's 6 little known pointers on how to have total spray tan success.    

There are a great number of variables/reasons as to why you may have achieved this result with a client.  Count how many customers got this same result, is this only one person or many?  If it's only one, it's likely to be an isolated case, but either way, work through these points.  

1) How much solution did you use? 

Did you apply enough solution?  We recommend that you use between 40 and 70ml of solution per client. This will depend on how large your client is, and what type of spray tan machine you are using.  This range will provide you with enough solution to do one thorough coat, and then a light second coat to ensure the client is well covered. Want to see how we do it?  Check out our video application 

2) What condition was the client's skin in before they were sprayed. 


Ie - was it humid, are they on medication, are they DHA resistant, do they have their period (which affects the ph of the skin), had they just had a shower and their skin wasn't fully dry?  Make sure everyone is well versed in these tanning tips. 

3) The scientific stuff



40-60% of the colour change in skin tone occurs in the first two hours BUT the FULL colour is seen at the 24 hour mark after than colouration process has fully taken place.  Determine how long after wash off the complaint has come, and remember the full colour takes time.

4) How did the client wash the bronzer off? 


Did they have a long shower, did they shower in too hot a temperature, did they wash in a soap that contained sls (sodium laureth sulfate) which actually strips tan, did they wash their hair at the same time - shampoos and conditions strip tan results.  We recommend you wash in this

5) Controlling the depth of colour


As the colour change process is as individual as the person sprayed, you may like to experiment with leaving the solution on longer before the first shower.  A great number of our clients will leave their solution on for up to 8 hours to get a deeper result.  Some people will find the colour change happens quickly, for others it takes longer.  The process is unique depending on the skin and the conditions around application. Remember that colour is subjective,  what one person thinks is dark may be different from another.  In particular, be wary of leaving high percentage DHA solution on for long periods of time, particularly on lighter skin tones. 

6) How dark can you go?  


The colour one person achieves to another will be different - this all depends on their original skin tone, the conditions around pre and post spray preparation and all the points above.  Remember, spray tanning is designed to be natural.  If you have skin like Nicole Kidman, you aren't going to get a Beyonce glow.  The super dark mahogany colour seen on bodybuilders is applied with a sponge.

Be realistic about results, but here you can learn the strategy to achieve the darkest colour possible (as revealed in our spray tan success FREE online webinar)

Need help answering what is the best spray tan solution - check out the information here

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  • Mary Tracy : February 09, 2015

    If your spray tan is light. You need a darker color. Ask for it. And don’t shower it off the same day

  • Mary Tracy : February 09, 2015

    I love that dark tan. As dark as posible . It males me feel so young and attractive. It’s like you feel so hot and your getting into a Benz with class. Who doesn’t envy a dark healthy tan without the sun. Mary Tracy in Mesa Arizona

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