Jet Set Glow - Tan Setting Powder & Brush Duo

Jet Set Glow - Tan Setting Powder & Brush Duo


Say goodbye to wet and sticky sunless tans with Jet Set Glow tan setting powder and brush duo. 

Our vegan friendly formula is made using french clay and other premium ingredients which will leave you feeling dry and ready to conquer the day.

Perfect for:

* setting self tan

* fast drying spray tans

* mattifying bronzer

* eliminating chub rub (under boobs, between thighs etc)

How to use:

Use our super soft vegan buffing brush and apply your Jet Set Glow all over your body.

History of the creation of Jet Set Glow 

"As a professional spray tan and make up artist, I've been using this custom formulated mattifying powder for years.  It's been a service I've offered to clients and once they use it, they always request it.  Everyone loves it, and kept asking if they could buy it, and time and time again I'd let them know it wasn't for sale. 
However, I couldn't continue to ignore the constant number of clients who would ask if they could buy some that I'd knock back.  In the end, I've decided the product had to be taken to market.  I've also just had a bride I simply would not let attend her wedding without this product because it is a game - changer. 

In good conscious I couldn't let her walk down the aisle and risk her tan makeup and tan coming off.  I didn't want her to stand at the alter and feel the sweat soaking through her gown and dripping down her body while she was saying her i do's - so I bit the bullet and said 'all right all right, I'll sell you some.'    

Not only does this product mean that you can dress straight after tanning without having to feel like you have to sit around marinating.  You can get dressed and go on with your day.  But it does so much more.

Always sweat off your foundation? - add Jet Set Glow 

Sweat under your boobs? - add Jet Set Glow

Do your legs rub when you walk (like mine?) - add Jet Set Glow.

There are soooooo many uses!