Fascination Spray Tan Machine

Fascination Spray Tan Machine


The Fascination Spray Tan System

Features a Cyclonic Motor, Filter & 2.5 meter hose.

The "pig" spray tanning system consists of a powerful turbine, hose & professional modified spray gun for outstanding spray tanning results.

With its patent nozzle size it offers even greater control and produces a wide angle of spray for ultra quick/precise application.  Only 50ml of spray solution is needed for a full body session.

Highly portable & durable, the Fascination System will not rust and requires no assembly!




  • 1 Year Warranty* Australia only

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International Shoppers:  

Please note all machine sold via the Custom Tan website are sold to suit Australian electrical plugs.  International shoppers may need to obtain either an adapter or step up and down transformer.  Both are low cost options, but please note we can not ensure the machine will work correctly outside of Australia.