Free Professional Spray Tan Solution Sample (ONE ONLY)

Australia's Best Spray Tan Brand - Free Sample


FREE (ONE ONLY)- Spray Tan Sample (Please read below before ordering)

We know you'll love our range, so if you are a spray tan professional or simply learning how to spray tan - try a free sample of our spray tan solution.  Unfortunately we've had a few too many people take advantage of this offer so please do note the following to ensure you receive your free sample 


  • This product is not a self-tan item, and must be applied with a professional spray tan machine

  • Only NEW customers who are placing their FIRST order are eligible

  • One bottle only to one address 

  • Please note only 1 sample is available for free, if you would like more, you have the option of purchasing additional sample sized bottle.
  • Despite the above, we still have people ordering up to 10 plus samples.  We are only able to provide 1 sample to each customer to ensure everyone has the opportunity of trying our brand.  Thankyou for your understanding and courtesy.