Best Body Scrub - Wholesale 15 Pack

Best Body Scrub - Wholesale 15 Pack


Escape with tropical coconut and organic coffee grounds into a blissful state.  Scrub away cellulite and buff off old tan with our sense-sensational formula which targets cellulite, stretch marks and uneven skin tone.  This product flies out the door and is a must for sunless tan preparation. 

Key Features:

This super scrub includes: 

  • Vitamin E to repair, nourish and protect your body's largest organ
  • Grape seed oil to lock moisture in to avoid drying out, fine lines and wrinkles
  • With the ultimate island experience we've included organic coconut 
  • Sun dried sea salt with help target cellulite, stretch marks and skin tone
  • Coconut which keeps the skin's connective tissues strong, which prevents sagging 

How to use:

Use in the shower, wet body and when skin is thoroughly soaked, turn the nozzle away and turn the shower off.  Taking small handfuls and scrub in circular motions over the whole face and body.  You'll feel the ingredients working their magic, but the longer you wait the better your results.  Wait 5-10 minutes before thoroughly rinsing.  Your skin with be left feeling like silk and ready for a spray tan.

We recommend scrubbing once or twice per week, and at least 12 hours before your  sunless tan application.  


When you step out of the shower, your skin will be silky soft and smell amazing.  All dead skin cells will be buffed away and your body will thank you for it.  Incorporate the Best Body Scrub into your weekly routine and you'll have skin softer than a baby's backside. 


Ground organic coffee beans, dried coconut, sea salt, vitamin e, and coconut water.  Made in Australia and tested only on humans. 


Can we help you? 

Do you have any further questions about this product or any further information that we can provide in assisting you to select the right Custom Tan products to meet your needs.  Please do contact us or telephone on 61 (2) 8065 8710