• The active ingredient in spray tanning is DHA. 
  • This is a sugar cane based cosmetic that has been approved for cosmetic use by the FDA for over 30 years.
  • There is a small chance that you may have an allergic reaction to DHA, and advise you to conduct a patch test if you wish and wait 24 hours to see if there is any reaction.

  • You acknowledge that all Custom Tan spray tan solution contains either nut based ingredients, and/or is manufactured in a lab which uses nut based ingredients.

  • You can have a spray tan as often as you like however we recommend removing as much tan as possible prior to the next application to eliminate tan build up.

  • Avoid activities that reduce the life of your tan – extended showers, baths, swimming, spas etc

  • Moisturise your body twice a day to extend the life of your tan.

  • Use sunscreen when outdoors as a spray tan offers no sun protection

  • The bronzer is used as a guide.  You will see this wash off with your first shower. The bronzer may rub off on clothing and sheets.  It may also stain some fabrics and lighter coloured materials.

  • It is critical that your first shower after your spray tan is brief, and you use a soap that does not contain sodium laureth sulfate.  We ask that you do not wash your hair until your tan has fully developed ie second shower, or minimum 12 hours post tan application.

  • The client agrees that they are over 16 years of age.

  • Client needs to be aware of scientific results achievable with depth of colour.  Unless their skin is similar to the colour of the bronzer, the tan will not be as dark as the bronzer  with ANY tanning product. We can use up to 15% tanning ingredient which is the highest approved by the FDA.  However - if you want a colour like Beyoncé and you have skin like Nicole Kidman it isn't going to happen.Please be realistic.


NOTE: If you aren't happy with your tan please tell us so we can assist. Your tan is a 50% partnership. How well you prepare and then care for your tan will impact results.

If you love your tan PLEASE tag us in your social media posts and leave us a facebook and google review.  Most of our clients come from referral and it means the absolute world to us to be able to see your finished result and to read your reviews.  Thankyou in advance.

Your Custom Tan technician accepts no liability for those who choose not to follow the above guidelines.