Tanner Locator Registration

Connecting Spray Tan Clients DIRECTLY with you!

Technicians, you've been speaking, and we've been listening.  Back by popular demand, we've redeveloped and re-implemented a global tanning locator right on the Custom Tan home page so the countless customers wanting a Custom Tan can find you.  

Every day we are contacted by people wanting to book Custom Tan spray tans with our amazing technicians, but with hundreds and hundreds of technicians globally we want to connect you directly with potential customers.  

Here's all the information you need to register your business on the Custom Tan website under our Tanner Locator  which is located right on our home page.   Customers can find you by typing in their location or viewing the overall listing of Custom Tan technicians.

Here's what it looks like for your customers.    



You have the option of customising your business listing adding full contact details and links and the ability to customise up to 3 fields, which we can update for you every month.  Don't have a shop front or a mobile tanner?  No problem, simply provide us with a street name, and we'll drop a pin nearby.



What's the cost?  Less than you'd imagine.  For less than the price of a bottle of tan annually and payable quarterly at the super cute low price of only $24.75 per quarter - (that's a nominal $8.25 per month) and payable by direct deposit or Visa/Mastercard (add 3%)

All new locations will be added on the first week of each new month so if you would like to be live for August, you must complete the attached form and email it by Thursday 31 July.

Anyone who signs up this week will receive a free month, so won't be billed again until December :)



Here's the quick form to fill in, email back to us and you'll see yourself up later this week!   Any technicians that sign up this week will also get a free blog post/facebook promo/shout out in August to promote your business.  If you are opening the form on your phone, you may need to open it, then email it to yourself so you can fill it in.  Apologies for the inconvenience.  

Leverage the huge volume of traffic we receive and get connected with your new customers now!