Spray Tanning Machine Extraction Unit Replacement Filters for MOBILE UNIT

Spray Tanning Machine Extraction Unit - Replacement Filters


Portable Spray Tan Extractor filter replacements (4 pack) MOBILE UNIT

Your unit is only going to run as well as your filter is cared for.  So make sure it's squeaky clean and hair free for optimal results. 

Key Features:

Keeping the air your breath and spray in clear for your client and you.  They have a two stage filtration system that is designed to reduce mess and ensure the environment is comfortable for the operator and client alike.

How to use:
Simply unclip your spray tan filters and pop in the replacement filter.

    Celebrity Spray Tanner Tip - We recommend you switching out your filter every 100 tans.  That's around every 5 bottles of solution used.  Replacing filters is fast, easy and cheap.   


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