Bae Watch # 1

Heidi Reid

Posted on April 21 2016


Welcome to the Bae Watch blog.  

I noticed that over the past few years, us girl are getting better.  


We are less concerned with tearing each other down, and genuinely want to lift each other up and offer girl power support.  Instead of the filthy looks of days gone by, we now smile and feel comfortable telling a complete stranger that she is rocking her boots, lips, hair, anything!  


We post pictures on social media of inspirational girls, and share tips and tricks for others to leverage.  We post and repost, and share the love with our fellow female comrades. 


We are all about the girl code, but I couldn't find a central resource to put it all.  


So I got thinking, what if we created a home, where we can all share the most inspirational, motivational wack of information for all of us to discover hot tips, latest fashion, wellness and wanderlust.  Think of it as the ultimate "Bae Inspo"! 


Enter - Bae Watch


So - every Friday fortnight I will open up the Bae Watch Link Up so bloggers can enter either their favourite blog post or link list for the fortnight.  The link up will stay open until the following Sunday night.  


We'll also include a Bae slaying interview with a guest star kicking ass in her own right. Let us know if you have suggestions on who we should interview.  


All this wrapped up in one place, where you can loose yourself yet come back again and again.  


And because us baes like to stick together and support each other, leaving some comment love on the posts you read are appreciated by your fellow girls and let us know people are reading what we are putting out into the blogosphere. 


You're in good company, meet me your host!

Heidi Reid - Sydney 

Heidi is a celebrity spray tan artist and founder of Custom Tan.  Heidi works to create premium beauty products that don't compromise on quality ingredients or performance. Heidi has performed close to 10,000 spray tans, trained roughly 500 salons, and counts celebrities such as Katie Price and Delta Goodrem as lovers of her tan.  

Want to co-host?

I'm looking for 1-2 co hosts to join the fun.  If you are a regular blogger, who thinks you'll fit, please contact me.   

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