About Us

Well hello there!  Welcome,

If a picture tells a thousand words then here's hoping this screen grab from our insta gives you a pretty good snap shot of what we're all about.   

If you're here let's guess you are a: 

    • Beauty aficionado, who understands real, quality ingredients matter in your self tanner; or

    • The decision maker in a salon that spray tans clients who trust you to only use the best; or a

    • Tan-aholic wanting to start up your own spray tanning business; or

    • Wanting a flawless application spray tan appointment with an award winning and celebrity spray tan artist with over 10,000 tans experience.
    Or a combination of any of the above.

    The good news is, you're in the right place.  

    Custom Tan provides both retail and professional tanning products, we have an unmatched learning hub, and you can pick your slot and book yourself in for your own bronzing session with us here

    So, now that you know you're in the right hands,
    allow us to introduce ourselves! 

    We are Custom Tan. 

    Custom Tan is… the Tanning Authority. 

    We are committed to only ever using the highest grade natural and organic ingredients that are vegan friendly.  

    We adhere to strict manufacturing principles and will only produce Custom Tan products locally right here in Australia. 

    Kicking off 2023, we have:

    • been voted Australia's Best Fake Tan 3 times by independent review;

    • trained over 600 new spray tan technicians;

    • count nearly 1,000 spray tan artists around the globe who choose Custom Tan

    • sell to thousands of repeat customers who stretch from Rockhampton to Riyadh (really)

    We're also know it alls! 

    Our chemist says we know more about fake tanning than 99% of the population. 

    If you have a tan related question - it's likely we've got the answer! 

    Our blog is a place where we answer all commonly asked questions.

    You've probably gathered that we like to help.  Need help deciding on what to get?

    Our best selling self tan is here (yes it's the one you see on celebs and the one that got us voted Australia's Best - 3 TIMES

    Our best selling professional spray tan is an absolute fav too.  It's fully customizable, never orange, never smelly and dries super fast.  

     But if you truly don't know where to start with spray tanning we do offer one free sample, but given all our collections are completely different.  We recommend you get the complete sample pack and decide for yourself exactly which tan you like best.

    If you are new to Custom Tan, click on these posts which are some of our most helpful-est:

    We’re basically best friends now!

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    Slay babe, slay!

    We want to see you rocking it in your tan, and after all - sharing is caring. 

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    See you on the bronzed side!