Do I have to be a salon to buy Custom Tan Spray Tan Solution?

Bianca Hall

Posted on February 26 2014

We know that many of our competitors will not let you buy their solution unless you are a certified spray tanner or industry salon.  But we aren't quite so stuffy! We want everyone to have access to our tanning products, and value every customer equally.  There are a lot of girls these days are buying a spray tanning kit and solution and spraying each other each week.  This is a great way of being able to get a spray tan on a regular basis, especially without having to outlay the money for a professional tan.  For girls who are doing it themselves, we recommend you subscribe to our You Tube channel so you can keep up to date with all the industry tips and tricks and the latest knowledge on all things tanning.  So whether you fake tan, self  tan or spray tan - everyone is welcome to the Custom Tan community!  Check us out on You Tube here 

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