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Heidi Reid

Posted on March 26 2014



So you want to understand about spray tan machines but don't know what's the best spray tan kits, spray tan gun and spray tan tent?  Here's a few pointers when it comes for finding the right spray tan equipment to suit your tanning needs.

Choosing the Right Spray Tanning Machine

Machines are graded based on life time expectancy and hours used.  When choosing a machine, look for a company that offers a warranty and repair service.

Turbine Filter

Regardless of which tan machine you purchase, the turbine filter has been fitted for you, however needs to be removed regularly for cleaning.  Ensuring that the filter is clean and clear of solution overspray, hair and dust etc will mean that your turbine can work efficiently.  A dirty filter can cause the turbine to overheat and burn out.  It must always be clean.

HVLP Turbine

Entry level spray tanning machines will have a single on/off button to activate it. Some spray tanning machines will come with a turbine with 3 buttons: power, heat and speed.  The speed button has 3 different settings – high, medium and low.  We recommend spray tanning on the medium speed without the heat setting.  The professional model machines will either have a dial which can be adjusted to increase/decrease power, or a single on/off button to activate it.  At the end of every tanning session wipe over your turbine to ensure there is no overspray left on the turbine and it is clean before you pack it away.   We use anti-bacterial wipes. 

Spray Tanning Gun

All Custom Tan machines use HVLP Premium Spray Tanning guns.   HVLP stands for high volume air flow and low pressure.  The HVLP system means you can spray accurately without the wide range and over spray that happens with other air systems.  With all guns you can tan an average sized person in 2 coats within 7-10 minutes.  This allows for appointments to be booked every 15 minutes and high profitability due to fast turn over of clients.  Refer to the profitability section on our website for more information.

Flow Control

Every Custom Tan gun can be adjusted to increase or decrease the amount of flow.  Check your individual user manual to determine how to adjust the flow of solution. Never test the flow whilst pointed at your client.  Always determine the appropriate flow before the session begins.   Some technicians decide to reduce the flow slightly when spraying areas such as hands, feet and faces. 

Spray Nozzle

The spray nozzle direction determines which way the solution will be sprayed.  Custom Tan recommends that you always spray with the nozzle on horizontal flow.  This ensures the widest coverage, and minimises overspray and unnecessary costs. 

Spray Tan Tent

When spraying regularly overspray is difficult to avoid.  We suggest you invest in a Custom Tan Spray Tan Booth also known as spray tan tent to avoid overspray, which can damage your machine.

Solution Pot

Depending on which spray tanning machine you use, your solution pot will hold varying amounts of product.   Ensure your pot is at least half full to ensure the flow of your solution does not cut in and out during an application. The type of machine you use will also determine how much solution to use. 

To avoid leaks ensure the pot is screwed tightly onto the seal.  Never tilt the pot at an angle that may force it to spill.

Cleaning your Spray Tan Gun

Clean your solution pot and HVLP gun each day of use with clean water.  It is essential to properly dry the pot and gun prior to putting any solution in it.  Water in the pot will reduce the potency of the tanning solution.  A good way to flush out the gun and pot is to fill it with water and spray the water (also a good way to clean the spray tanning tent!).  If you do not regularly clean your gun you will notice it will clog up and will no longer spray after long term neglect.



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