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Heidi Reid

Posted on April 01 2015

Buy Spray Tan Solution Online.  There are so many products on the market, you want to buy the best spray tan solution.  But - before you go and buy spray tan solution online read this guide on how to choose the best spray tan solution and products.

1) Decide if you want spray tan solution that is manufactured in Australia or overseas 

This may or may not be an important factor to you.  If you are starting out with spray tanning, I would recommend sourcing a locally produced spray tan solution.  Sadly too many solutions sold in Australia, are private labels of American brands.  This solution is shipped in bulk via sea containers, and product can be sitting on boats for up to 3 months.  This means that by the time the solution has got to you, it's already well and truly on it's way to the end of its shelf life.  In fact, one "Australian" brand I've heard only puts a 1 month shelf life on their product.  The key is to buy your spray tan solution online from a credible stockist, who will have known high turn around, so you are guaranteed the freshest tan.  

2) Are you actually buying what you think you are?

Buying from a credible source is critical.  Sadly well too many people cut corners in this industry, but the cluey technicians who have been around for a while tend to gloss over the hype and actually know how to tell the credible ones from the sharks.  While we have no intention on naming and shaming, a word of advice would be to look at the label and see if you can see a) where the product is manufactured b) what the shelf life is and c) if it has a barcode, is it unique to that product - or when you search, does another brand come up? If so - do you care?  I personally believe that as your skin is your biggest organ, I want to know EXACTLY what I'm applying to my client's body.   

3) Determine the spray tan base colours you are after 

Spray tans come in a variety of different colour bases.  Traditionally green was the very first colour base, and then there was violet followed by red, blue and chocolate bases.  The base of the spray tan is a cosmetic.  It has very little to do with the resulting colour.   Think of it as a cosmetic, or as we say during our training courses, it's the makeup.  Just like an eyeshadow, some willl look good on you, while others may suit someone else better.



4) Developing time

The developing time of a spray tan will depend on a number of factors.  It is important to have a well applied tan, which is not soaking the body.  40-60% of the colouration change in the skin (Malliard reaction) happens in the first two hours. This is what enables us a brand to say something is a 2hr tan or a 1hr tan etc.  In essence the longer you leave the tan on the skin - up to 8 hours, the deeper the colour result will go.  However - do not only look at the developing time.  It's important to know what percentage of DHA the spray tan contains because leaving it on longer can over compromise the colour (enter rolled in doritos look)

5) The percentage of DHA (Tanning Ingredient) 

As a general rule, tan extenders otherwise known as gradual tanners have between 1-3% DHA,  sunless tanners will have roughly 4-8% DHA, and spray tan solutions will start from 8-9%.  While it is true that the higher the percentage of DHA, the darker the result it is not everything.  I.e I wouldn't recommend a fair skinned client slept in a 15% DHA tan overnight.  People need to understand that sunless tanning of any brand, is designed to be natural.  The obscenely dark tan you see on body builders etc, has a base spray tan, but then they have a wash off paint literally buffed or rolled on with a painting brush.  If you have skin like Nicole Kidman, honey you ain't going to look like Beyonce with any tan once the bronzer is washed off.  

6) Reviews

If you are unsure of what to buy, look for reviews.  Attached to each of the spray tan products that are sold online via the Custom Tan store, we have comments.  That way you don't have to take our word for it, you can see the reviews of people who have tried our product.  another great tip is to see their social media presence.  If people are sharing photos of the tans, that's good social proof, but also gives you a great idea on how the end results looks.

7) Trial Sample Spray Tan Solution

Still unsure.  It doesn't have to be difficult.  While some new spray tan technicians will come into the market and expect free samples from a whole lot of different brands, we'd recommend trialing a few different brands that  you like the sound of.   Most brands will offer samples.  We do - we're happy to give you one free sample of your choice, but if you'd like to purchase between 2 and 7 sample bottles this will give you plenty of time to trial what you like.



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