Benefits of Argan Oil and uses for Argan Oil in Tanning

Heidi Reid

Posted on June 18 2015


It's this time of year that skin tends to take a hammering.  Argan oil otherwise known as Moroccan oil has so many versatile benefits, we simply had to add it to our tanning range and beyond. 

History of Argan Oil 

Argan oil comes from a nut that is grown on the argan tree exclusively in south western Morocco.  The kernal of the argan nut contains one to three argan oil rich kernals.  Argan oil is extracted by hand, where the fruit is dried in the air and the pulp extacted, or given to animals as feed.  The cheeky local goats, also climb the trees to eat the nuts direct, and their goat droppings help fertilise and cultivate the roots of the argan trees to grow even stronger.  

Berber women are best at the next phase of extracting the super oil from the kernals by grinding and pressing them.  The oil is then left to settle and after 2 weeks, workers can skim out the pure oil.  

What makes this a super oil is that it is full of essential fatty acides which provides the most natural and effective moisturiser.

Why use Argan Oil in Tanning?

Known as healing liquid gold, argan oil has been used for years for beauty therapeutical reasons, so it only makes sense that we add some of this super ingredient to our spray tans.  Argan oil is incredibly fast drying, yet leaves a light weight dewy complexion.  This is perfect for spray tanning as the skin can often become dried out from the tanning ingredient DHA and the alcohol contained in some spray tan solutions.   Custom Tan has sourced the most beautiful argan oil ingredient and coupled it with our award winning tanning ingredient to create two spray tan solutions that we call Super Solutions. Argan oil in spray tan solution, such as Moroccan by Custom Tan will nourish and repair your skin, and leave you with a long lasting tan that makes your skin look and feel amazing.  Hello hydration!

See our range of Moroccan spray tan solution containing argan oil here 



Other Benefits of Argan Oil 

  • Skin will glow and pores will decrease in size. 
  • Quickly absorbed, non oily resideue that is safe for use around the delicate eye area
  • Great for blemishes as it reduces seben levels in oily skin 
  • Helps prevent stretch marks and improves skin elasticity 
  • Soothes and heals post shower 
  • Hydrating natural oil which moisturises skin and replenishes lost moisture 
  • Helps with dry skin and cracking feet
  • If you have a nut allergy, you should always test using argan oil on your body to see how you react 
  • Richer than olive oil in vitamin e so it is incredibly soothing 

Celebrities who use Argan Oil 

Cuban/American actress Eva Mendes swears by natural beauty methods and says "argan oil is my total skin secret"

Heidi's Hacks for Argan Oil

Besides using argan oil in spray tanning, it's a fantastic oil to use on cuticles.  I have a small bottle of argan oil by my bedside and in my car, and whenever I'm in traffic, or just about to pop off to sleep in bed, I'll later my cuticles in argan oil.  Not only are my strangly cuticles no more, my nails are no longer bumpy, and are growing stronger and shinier than ever before. 

Do you absolutely love argan oil?  Have a comment to share, or additional use we haven't mentioned?  Please pop us a comment below as we'd love to hear from you.

Still not convinced, try a sample of our argan oil spray tan solution and see how soft your skin become.



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With soft and supple hydrated love, 

Heidi x

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    Any plans to add Argan oil to your tanning Mousse then everyone can benefit from it.

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