How To Spray Tan – Learn Spray Tanning With Spray Tan Courses Online

Gaurav Gaur

Posted on June 27 2016

How To Spray Tan – Learn Spray Tanning With Spray Tan Courses Online

One of the most preventable forms of cancer is skin cancer.  For over 100 years Australians and the Western culture have been known to bake themselves in the sun to be tanned.


Since the mid 1970’s the first sunless tanning products came onto the market and women realised there were methods to achieve a darker complexion without baking in the sun.


Now days spray tans are a weekly part of a woman’s beauty routine with a weekly spray tanning appointment at the beauty salon to ensure.  As the beauty industry advances people are learning more about spray tan options.


Women are wanting to protect their skin and tan in summer safely so learning how to spray tan at home is a great alternative to be tan but to protect their body.


It is now possible to learn how to spray tan online, and to purchase a start up spray tanning kit with spray tanning solution for at home tanning.


Custom Tan offers a number of learn to tan methods.


E-book – Read all about the history of tanning and how to spray tan with a handy reference book.


Learn to tan online – our online learning course contains 6 different modules from the history of tanning, diagnosing different skin types, choosing the right spray tanning machine, different types of spray tanning solution, how to do a spray tan and spray tanning salon marketing.


Spray Tan Training -Custom Tan also offers spray tanning workshops each month for women in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane wanting to learn how to spray tan.  Our spray tan workshops include all of the same content as the learn to tan online courses, but have the added benefit of practical training where students can see a live demonstration of how to complete a spray tan, and also have the opportunity to do a spray tan application under guidance.


1:1 Customised Training Services - Custom Tan offers individual spray tanning classes which are run as a one on one basis that can either be for individuals or for salon sizes.  These workshops are run in house or at the clients location, which is convenient so business can continue as usual and the salon doesn’t need to close down.  Custom Tan will also help to determine the spray tan room layout, and to help with which products will best suit the demographic of their customer base.

spray tan courses online


The most important tool in learning to spray tan is the spray tan solution.  It is important to use a good quality solution, and to know how to correctly apply it.


Spray tan solution comes in a one litre bottles, and is made up with different coloured bronzer bases and varying percentages of tanning ingredient, known as DHA.


DHA is the ingredient that tans the skin via a chemical process called the Maillard Reaction.  This is a chemical reaction between the outer layer of the skin, and the tanning ingredient DHA (Dihydroxyacetane). 


A spray tan session should include one thorough full body application, and a light second coat to make sure the body is completely covered in tan.  The client should not feel wet or sticky, and the bronzer should not be blotchy or running.  On average, during a learn to tan class, students will attempt to use approximately 50ml of solution.


Approximately 40-50% of the colour change happens in the first few hours, which means for a light tan, clients can rinse the colour back after an hour or two, but must leave it longer to achieve a darker colour.


Full colouration can take 18-24 hours depending on the client’s skin and what the keratins and animo acids are doing on the client at that point in time.


Want to learn more about how to spray tan.  Visit and see a free video on how to spray tan and discover learn to spray tan courses online which will set you up to become a profitable and professional spray tan artist today.   Heidi Reid is a celebrity spray tan artist who has trained over 500 spray tanning technicians in how to spray tan and to become successful airbrush tanning artists.  For inside tips and business advice head to her website now

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