Fragrance Free Natural Goats Milk and Honey Soap

SLS Free Goat's Milk and Honey Soap


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These Goat’s Milk and Honey Soaps are hand poured in Australia and contain only the best ingredients that are good enough to eat. This soap is left essentially untouched.

There is no fragrance and no colour just the luxurious, soothing creaming undiluted goat's milk and honey soap.   


Key Features

With absolutely no sodium laureth sulfate to speak of.  SLS is the enemy to all faux tans.  Ensure your tan lasts as long as it can by washing in the Custom Tan SLS Free Goat's Milk & Honey Soap.  This soap is hand poured in Australia using pure and natural ingredients.  Whether your skin is tanned or not, your body’s biggest organ will love you for it.  Suitable for the whole family.  Note: this soap smells divine and it’s thoroughly addictive!

Perfect for those with eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, acne, dry cracked skin and sensitive allergic skin conditions. Goats milk soap is recommended by dermatologists.

Simply replace your existing wash/soap to this product and extend the life of your tan while adding valuable moisture to your skin.