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You want to know what fake tan Katie Price wore in Celebrity Big Brother.  You want it now - what do you do?



We are humbled and overwhelmed with the level of international excitement coming from the UK and other countries for Custom Tan.

While we have a prominent presence here in Australia, we were not aware that one of our celebrity clients planned to take our product on international television and apply it consistently.  The result is we are getting hundreds of orders, and thousands of emails each day.  Many asking the same questions, so we aim to answer all your questions here.

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Question: What tan is Katie Price applying, and how can you buy it?

Kate is a spray tan client of ours, who we keep topped up with the Custom Tan self tanning and instant bronzer mousse while she is home in the UK.  The tan Kate used in the Celebrity Big Brother house is this one.  You can get the famous fake tan two ways.  

1) You contact  one of our several UK stockists and arrange for them to set some aside, or get some to you.

2) Alternatively you can contact us and we can ship to you from Sydney, Australia.  

Any orders placed on this website will be shipped from Australia - our online shop is separate to our stockists, who distribute our product.

Here's the contact details for our UK stockists here 


Question:  How much will my freight cost and how long will it take to arrive?

Freight is calculated by order weight and destination.  It is automatically calculated on check out.  We do not add additional fees to the freight, we simply pass on the price from the option you select online.  Similar to freight costs, delivery estimates are best provided by the shipping company.  Once your order has been fulfilled you will receive a tracking number.  You can then trace your parcel online.  Estimated delivery to the UK is approx 3-5 business days from processing - which is currently approx 48 hours depending on sales volumes. 

If you do not want to pay for freight from Sydney, Australia, please visit our stockist page for your local supplier.  


Question:  I don't understand the prices that are displayed on the online cart.

You have the ability to view the prices for products in your selected currency.  However the way the cart works is that check outs are done in AUSTRALIAN dollars at the current exchange rate.  For today's exchange rate, we refer to which is one of the leading currency websites.  At the time of writing, 1 GBP is approx 2 AUD.

Question: I want to learn to tan with you.  How do I do this?

That’s great.  Our brand was created to rid the world of orange fake tans.  There are several options for you to learn to tan with us.  We run an absolutely free webinar which you can watch/listen to whenever you like.  It goes for an hour and gives you the basis for everything you need to know.  We also run workshops, have a downloadable ebook and can come to you to train at your location.  All of this information is available at


Question: I want to sell Custom Tan.  How do I get started?

We welcome stockists from around the globe.  Currently HALF of all sales are going to the UK.  You can either join us as a salon, which means you apply spray tan to people, or you can join us a stockist.  Larger accounts are negotiated on sales volumes significantly exceeding the wholesale collection.  Please contact us via email customtan(at) with DISTRIBUTOR ENQUIRY in the subject header.  . 

Salons must have made a purchase of atleast 1 full sized bottle of spray tan solution from our professional collecting.  If you have done this and are exclusively using Custom Tan are entitled to a free listing on our Tanner Locator to drive our tanning tribe to you for spray tans

Stockists have completed an order via our wholesale collection on the website. This indicates to us that you have made a commitment to our brand and we offer you a free listing on our stockist page.  Once listed on the stockist page be ready for an entourage of tanning tribe members to come flooding your way. The wholesale collection can be found here

Distributors: For larger accounts, please contact us on  customtan(at) with DISTRIBUTOR ENQUIRY in the subject.  We'll reply with our brand overview, price list and web ready images


Question: I want to buy a machine, which one do you recommend?

As much as we’d love to sell you a machine, there are two issues with doing this internationally.  1) We may be on different power supplies which may not be compatible with your machine and 2) bulky freight can be costly.  We’d recommend buying locally.  Some manufacturers will tell you their solution can only be used in the machines they supply, but this is rubbish.  As long as you are using a spray tan machine, you can use spray tan solution.


Question: Do you do samples?

We do not do samples of our retail range.  We do offer professional spray tan solution samples for application in HVLP Spray Tan Machines.  We do offer one free sample of spray tan solution, additional samples can be purchased.  All information is available here


Question: I am a blogger, how can we work together?

Great!  We would love to have you work with us.  Please visit us for more information at please note unless you have a huuuuuuuuuge social media presence, we are not after reviewers for our products.

Please remember, we strongly encourage you join us on social media as we are posting regularly to update all our customers on what’s happening with stock/shipments etc join us at (make sure to click ‘get notifications’ after you like the page;


we also have a twitter account

Many thanks for your support.  Please know we are doing our best, to respond to you and supply to you as quickly as possible xxx