New Clients - PLEASE READ

Dear Clients,

You have been asked to read this page as either:

a) you are booked on a day when weather is questionable, and/or

b) we are booked back to back on the day of your appointment slot. 

Please kindly take note of the following to help ensure a successful tan appointment.

The below video is a quick demo on our location :)


1) If you are new.  Please know where you are coming.  Often we are booked back to back, and if you phone us, it is unlikely we will be able to answer the phone as we will be in another client appointment.

Our booking page includes photos and directions on how to access our business, we will also drop them in below.  Despite this, most weeks we still have one or two clients that do not look at the photos and can get flustered when we do not answer the phone while we are tanning other clients.  We want to save you any stress so provide the following information to help as much as we possibly can.

Please please please: 

a) familiarise yourself with where you are going; and 

b) leave yourself enough time to find us 

Our street address is number 8.  The unit number is 30.  You need to come UP the ramp at the end of Tilley lane at the round about.  There are photos on google, photos on our website, and also included below (and in our video attached to this page)

We own 3 companies in 2 warehouses, so if you see Security you are in the right place for tanning.  

Please note we accept cash and bank transfer.  If you can bring close to the right money that is most appreciated and most helpful.

Weather permitting, we have an aqua colored flag at the front door to help you.  We can't put this out if it's really windy though - so keep a look out for the aqua coloured Custom Tan name on the bottom half of the unit 30 door. 

2) Rain is the enemy to any tan.  If it is raining, please ensure you come wearing covered feet, covered arms and covered legs.  Also please bring an umbrella.  There is no amount of over protection you can provide in the rain.  

Finally with the greatest respect, we kindly request that you note appointments are strictly 15 minutes, this is to ensure we can fit everyone in and why it is imperative you are punctual.  Most weeks we have a waitlist, and customers who miss out so we do our very best to accommodate everyone so we really appreciate you taking the time to make sure you can attend your appointment on time and are ready to go. 

We look forward to tanning you and welcoming you to Custom Tan.

Thankyou :D