Face Bronzer - Wholesale 12 Pack

Face Bronzer - Wholesale 12 Pack


12 x Ultra Dark
12 x Medium
6 x Medium & 6 x Ultra Dark

Grazia Magazine says: "The Grazia beauty team's fallen for this new eco brand and its facial spritz wooed us on first app.  Lightly tinted, it's easy to see, control and customise the deepness of cocoa colour.  We work it in with a facial sponge for flawless coverage"

Key Features:

Facial Quality Formula - Perfect for delicate skin, this oil free spray won't clog your pores. 

How to Use:

Shake bottle well first.  Spray directly onto the skin and blend using the finger tips or the Custom Tan Blending Mitt or a makeup sponge. 


A gentle tan that can be used regularly to maintain a tanned face.


Can we help you?

Do you have any further questions about this product or any further information that we can provide in assisting you to select the right Custom Tan products to meet your needs.  Please do contact us or telephone on 61 (2) 8065 8710


Can we help you?


Tip:  This product can also be used to top up other small areas on the body and can be blended with your daily moisturiser for a glowing tan complexion. 


Works well with Tan Soap

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