Self Tan Applicator Mitt - Wholesale 12 Pack

Self Tan Applicator Mitt - Wholesale 12 Pack


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Key Features:

The Custom Tan Blending Mitt includes a lotion proof barrier to keep your hands free of any product stains.  Use this for a streak free sunless tan application.  Comes in a handy resealable zip travel pouch enabling you to take your tan where ever you go.

Vogue Magazine says:  "To ensure a truly pro finish and prevent finger stripes and orange palms, apply self tan with a mitt.  The latest power duos to hit the shelves are a Custom Tan mitt and a mousse that contains eco-certified organic vegetan, or DHA, which reacts with your skins' animo acids to create your perfect shade".  

How to use:

Place your hand inside the mitt and apply your favourite Custom Tan product to the velvety surface.  To apply use even, sweeping strokes to each desired body area.  Ensure the product is massaged into the skin.

Care Guide:  The Custom Tan Blending Mitt is machine washable up to 40 degrees.  Leave to dry naturally away from direct heat.  Made from nylon and polyurethane.

Can we help you?

Do you have any further questions about this product or any further information that we can provide in assisting you to select the right Custom Tan products to meet your needs.  Please do contact us or telephone on 61 (2) 8065 8710

Works well with Custom Tan Self Tan and Instant Bronzer Mousse.


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