Spray Tan Online e-course - Learn How to Spray Tan online

Spray Tan Online e-course - Learn How to Spray Tan online


We have trained over 650 spray tan technicians in our face to face training.  However with so many customers across the globe, it only makes sense to offer an online training series for you.

This course provides everything you need to know about spray tanning where you can learn the tips and tricks from our celebrity spray tanner.  

This course includes topics such as:

  • history of tanning
  • how tanning works on the skin
  • the tanning ingredient - Dihydroxyacetone
  • the different spray tan colour bases
  • choosing the right base and the impact the base has on the skin
  • determining the best solution for your client
  • pre-tan tips
  • post tan tips
  • how to use tools of the trade including spray tan equipment
  • ventilation systems and clean air requirements
  • how to fold a spray tanning tent
  • how to complete a flawless spray tan application
  • legal forms including client disclaimer forms
  • and a FREE social media strategy bonus

A certificate of completion can be emailed to you at the completion of the course, however it is not automatically sent via the course.

Key Features 

Receive critical information on how to market yourself with our social media ninja training. 

The spray tan online course will be delivered to your inbox via 8 modules and you'll also get access to our Custom Tan only special Facebook group. 

Welcome to the tanning tribe.  This is the best investment for you to make if you want to carve out a career in the industry. 

Lifetime course access available.


Delivery information

Please note this course will not automatically appear in your inbox, please wait to receive an email saying your order has been fulfilled.  You will then receive your first edition 24 hours after the fulfillment notice has been received.  

It's REALLY important to make sure you whitelist our email address so this course doesn't land in your junk folder.