How to Find The Best Spray Tan

Heidi Reid

Posted on March 11 2014

Want to get the best spray tan? For even coverage and flawless colour, try the professional products from Custom Tan - three times voted Australia's Best Fake Tan.   Custom Tan works with the wearer's skin to create a professional flawless tan result for every individual.  Because we use the highest grade dha your skin will always be brown and never orange.  For the ultimate sunless tanning guide you need to choose between the different spray tan bases and then the varying degree of tanning ingredient - the DHA which will determine your end results.

What are the different spray tan base colours?

Spray tan bases are in a kind of way similar to hair dying bases, and it's a little bit of a science to get the perfect blend, but we offer 2 different bases.  Green based spray tan and violet based spray tan.  What's the difference between a green base tan and a violet base tan?  Consider the colour wheel.


Originally when spray tanning was developed, all bases were green.  The thought behind this was that a green based spray tan will help to counteract the rolled in a packet of doritos orange/red finish that can come from some green based spray tan solutions.  Then the violet based spray tan solution was developed, the theory behind this is that it can help to eliminate the greenish/dirty looking tan that can sometimes result from a green based spray tan.

Essentially regardless of what tan you choose, if you have a poor quality product, you will have a poor quality result.  So if you want the best spray tan solution look for something where you can see real results instead of just photo-shopped and airbrushed images. 

Whether you are after a picture perfect bridal spray tan or a dark tan which is good for body building competitions or models the depth of colour achieved will be determined by the percentage of DHA in the product.

A good tan will have the perfect balance of base colour, bronzer and DHA so you can choose a colour that works with your skin tone.  Custom Tan offers our self tanning mousse at 10% DHA, while our spray tan range is from 10-14.8%  enabling you to choose a colour that best suits your complexion.  For more information visit our online shop here


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