How Long Do Spray Tans Last?

Heidi Reid

Posted on March 13 2014

How long do spray tans last?

There are a number of variables.  There is the long answer which has to do with how well the skin is prepared for the spray tan, to the type of solution that is used and also how well you maintain your tan.  However there is also a short answer too.  How long does spray tan last - as long as the skin that has been tanned stays on the body.

Tell you more?  

Let's take a look at the chart above.  Whether it's the best self tanning lotion or an organic spray tan, the body must be well prepared.  Tan is applied to the outer layer of the skin (the top layer of the epidermis), meaning it's really important to have exfoliated thoroughly prior to your tan.  Skin is constantly regenerating and fortunately it's too microscopic to see the 40,000 dead skin cells that fall of each of us every minute.  So as you can see scrubbing to remove as many of these skin cells merely hanging on is ideal to preparing your skin with the perfect base.  More on skin from HowStuffWorks can be seen here

So assuming you are using the best fake tan because you're on our site (if you need more convincing check out our spray tan reviews), you've armed yourself with a perfect base and fake tan, it's critical you look after your tan as best as you can.  How to do this?  Quite simply, you need to keep the skin cells that have been tanned on your body.  So to do this washing in a body wash or soap that is ph free and natural, and when you've finished bathing, add a really good moisturiser that locks your tan on.  Sunless tans are designed to fade naturally, like a sun tan would, so when it' time to take your old tan off and get ready for your next tan - start the process again with a really good exfoliation.  




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