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Heidi Reid

Posted on April 03 2014

Every Tuesday we open up the opportunity for our salons and customers to ask us anything related to fake tanning.  This week's question was about moisturising and when you should moisturise after a spray tan appointment.  It's a great question, and one that spray tan clients often receive various forms of feedback about.  The answer all comes down to what sort of spray tan solution you are being sprayed in, or alternatively what sunless tan you are using.  

How fake tanning works

Sunless tanning is a chemical reaction between the outler layer of your skin, and the tanning ingredient, known as DHA.  Your skin goes brown the same way that a cut piece of fruit or a potato turns brown when it is left for a period of time after being cut.  The longer the tan is left on - or the longer the fruit is left out on the bench after cutting - the darker the result.  With any sunless tanning product, whether its' a spray tan or a tan cream, 60% of colour happens in the first 2 hours.  This enables the wearer to wash the colour off rather than walking around in it for the 8 hours we only knew about decades ago.  

After a spray tan

Any good spray tan technician will tell you though, that when you have your first shower, it's imperative you  follow these few steps.  After your spray tan you customise your result by determining how long after application you want to leave the tan on.  When having the first shower whether it's at 1 hour or 4 hours, your shower should be a rinse.  Custom Tan advise our clients to only shower until the water runs clear.  

Why wash in luke-warm water after a tan

The point here is that you don't want an overly hot shower, as hot showers will strip your body of it's natural moisture, and will cause the skin to regenerate and therefore strip your tan.  As long as your washing in a soap like this one and not a supermarket brand containing SLS you'll be fine.

But when do I moisturise after my tan
Because it takes up to 8 hours for your tan to be fully developed, regardless on when you wash the bronzer off, we suggest after your spray tan you don't moisturise until you reach the  8 hour mark.  This ensures your tan to brown up nicely without any barrier inhibiting it working to its fullest potential.  What moisturiser do you use?  Look for a moisturiser that has 24 hour hydration to keep the tanning skin cells on your body.  Our favourite moisturiser. 

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