How to: Look after your spray tan

Heidi Reid

Posted on April 04 2014

 Every week we'd be asked dozens of times - how long will my spray tan last.  The answer is as long as the skin tanned stays on your body.  So - this is why it's critical to exfoliate before your tan but equally important to use a good quality moisturiser to keep your tan on.  One of our spray tan salons in Oakleigh Victoria has started running beauty blogs and features Custom Tan Facial Spray 

How to apply a facial bronzer

As Amea explains in the video above a facial spray is a great product for every beauty kit.  To apply the facial bronzer, you can either push the atomiser for a soft fine mist, or alternatively pump onto a makeup sponge or tanning mitt and apply to the face.  We've been known to be rushing a few times - and have popped it directly onto fingers and then onto our face.  This is fine, just remember to wash your hands so you don't have that tell tale tanned palms look.  

Other uses 

The facial bronzer is small in size but will last quite a long time, even if you are washing your face everyday and reguarly reapplying.  This delicate formula, not only for faces can be used to top up other areas of the body.  Did you know that on women, our skin is thinest on our shins?  If this sounds like you then keeping the facial spray in your beauty cupboard will mean you can lightly reapply some tan to your legs and keep and even golden glow till it's time to wash your tan off. 

Customise your blend 

A tip is to add some sunscreen and put a few pumps of the facial bronzer to give yourself a fresh tanned face which is full of the important sun coverage.  More information on the Custom Tan bronzer can be found here or for more information on Amea May click on her link

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