What happened to this celebrity after using a sunbed you won't believe your eyes

Heidi Reid

Posted on April 21 2014

Former co-star to Madonna and body double for Mel C (Sporty Spice) has weeks to live after the use of sunbeds has cut her life and career tragically short.  

Debi Gibson has been told that she won't survive the eye cancer contracted from not wearing goggles whilst in the sunbed which has now lethally spread to her liver. 

Debi spoke of the pressure when you are modelling or acting to be the perfect colour.  She had moved to the big town of London at the age of 18 to pursue a modelling and acting career.  With a notable career staring along side Madonna in Evita and starred in Eastenders Debi believed it was more critical to be free of tan lines in her portfolio and spent years laying without eye protection whilst tanning herself for her career.  Debi gave up sunbeds in 2005 when she started hearing about too many cases of related cancers. 

She is now calling on a ban on all sunbeds and hopes that something good comes out of her death.  Debi didn't realise that UV rays penetrate beneath the skin, so just closing your eyes isn't enough to protect you from the harmful rays.

Spray tanning is different from sun tanning in that the sunless tan product is applied to the outer layer of the skin, and doesn't penetrate below the stratum corneum.  Fake tanning would have been a safer option for Debi but unfortunately now it is too late.  Debi was given just 8 weeks to live, which has now run out.  

It's a good thing that solariums are being banned in NSW at the end of 2014 and something we believe can't come soon enough - especially in Australia.  

Don't believe us - check out these two facts.  

  • Australia has the highest rate of melanoma globally
  • 2 out of 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70

Plenty more available from the Cancer Council website,but while you've got skin cancer on the mind here's some important information on how to check for signs of skin cancer.

How many more people need to die from preventable cancer before we just wake up and realise there is no safe way to achieve a uv tan.   Remember Clare Oliver's story?  Clare was strongly advocated for a ban on solarium after her years of dying for the perfect tan left her dead at only 26.  

For anyone afraid of looking like you've been rolled in a packet of cheese biscuits, it's just not the case with fake tanning any more.   With sunless tanning, we are now able to replicate a perfect summer glow that is truly natural and doesn't stink of  tell tale old fake tanning.  When choosing the best fake tan, look for spray tan reviews from people who offer advice and images depicting their results.  It needn't cost you a fortune either.  Look for a tanning brand that has a strong reputation like Custom Tan - who's been voted Australia's Best Fake Tan, not once or twice, but three times by independent review.  Choose either the professional spray tan or do yourself an at home tan with our award winning product.





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