Confessions of a Millionaire's Mistress - The top 5 questions we had to ask!

Heidi Reid

Posted on April 23 2014

Confessions of a Millionaire's Mistress - is the newest mistress craze and we think it's even better than 50 Shades of Grey!  If you love a good thriller, get onboard the mistress train and get hooked on the number of Ava's confession as she exposes her relationship as a mistress to a extremely high profile millionaire.  Reader reviews include:  "couldn't put my phone down, I'm so hooked on them, your an amazing women and an inspiration to have gone through", "am new to your page & just started reading your blogs.. Hooked already".

Ava maintains her deep tan with Custom Tan, and she kindly granted us 5 burning questions.  See the unedited answers below and then head over to get Ava's tan.

1)      What are the 3 top questions asked by your readers/followers?

  • Who is Hugh?
  • Are you really a Mistress?
  • Is your tan real (ha!) We know it's Custom Tan

2)      Tell me about a day in your life

Despite what people think, I have an extremely busy life. I am generally up at around 6:30am and getting ready for my first string of meetings after getting to bed at 1:00am. I am non stop all day unless I have the day off and when I get home I am generally still working with the overseas markets that I have business in. I must say that I love hitting the gym whenever I get the chance and while people think I am the typical girly girl I actually like to keep pretty low key and love hanging out in my PJ's all day when I can!

3)      What tips can you recommend that you’d only share with a close friend (and everyone reading this blog)

Dress to your size, I always like to wear figure hugging outfits that make my curves pop and always feel comfortable in your own skin. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

4)      What was your reaction when you first read the story about Debi

There is such a pressure for women out there to look a certain way with these so called "normal" women or celebrities putting themselves out there and paving what is said to be the "it" look. I think that if you are going to tan always remember...."Fake It Till You Make It". I personally would never use a sun bed and really dislike tanning in the sun...isnt that what bottled tan is for anyway?. I feel for Debi's family and hope that women all around the world can learn from this.

5)      What’s the biggest take out you want people to know about you

What you see is what you get with my personality but I haven't got to where I am without a lot of hard work and it has taken me years to achieve all I have! 

The first confession starts with "My first confession begins when I was almost 16 years old. I was extremely sick and was staying with someone I thought I could trust so they could monitor me and make sure I wasn't well while my parents were at work. That day....I was assaulted by the man that my entire family thought we could trust....."  read more of the confessions here

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