Tips for Glowing Skin -The Best Body Scrub

Heidi Reid

Posted on May 06 2014

Need tips for glowing skin?  A body scrub can be the best exfoliator and popular for totally natural skin care - and they work. 

Body scrubs have been around for thousands of years.  During ancient Egyptian times both men and women would scrub their bodies to soften their skin exposed to the arid desert conditions and to avoid fine lines and wrinkles.  Exfoliation is still a critical beauty treatment with a great number of health and beauty benefits coming from the humble body scrub.

Body scrub benefits

What's not to love.  The body scrub works by: removing dead skin cells and dirt from the outermost layers of the skin,  create glowing skin, revitalising texture and tone of skin, moisturising and replacing natural oils, stimulating blood flow, encourage cell renewal and works to eliminate excess fluids and toxins, tighten and firm the skin and to reduce cellulite.

What are they made of?

There are different types of scrubs available commercial and also DIY.  Sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, coffee scrubs and sand scrubs.  If you have normal to dry skin, a sugar scrub is suitable, while a salt scrub is better for oily and combination skin.  If you have skin with cellulite (with the 80% of the female population that do), a coffee scrub is ideal.

How do body scrubs work?

Essentially body scrubs exfoliate.  Exfoliation is critical - not just  for your face, but also for your body.  When your body wants to release toxins it releases them through it's largest organ - the skin.  When you have a really good exfoliation it forces your body to shed all the nasty toxins that are contained in the outer layer of your skin, and forces skin cell renewal.  This is why exfoliating prior to spray tan appointments is critical.  A fake tan is only going to stay put as long as the skin cells do, so if you have the freshest skin possible, you'll have the greatest chance at keeping your tan longer.

Other benefits

When you scrub you stimulate blood flow and this in turns increases circulation.  The result of this is that it firms the skin and works to improve cellulite. If you have a look at all the skin firming and cellulite treatments on the market, most of the include the ingredient caffeine because coffee grounds have said to be the best natural ingredient for tightening the skin.  If you want orange peel free skin the best body scrub will be one that contains coffee grounds.  We love  the (aptly named) Best Body Scrub

As the body is not as sensitive as the face, it's a good idea to test your scrub out on your limbs.  In terms of scrubbing strength, you want to be firm enough to slough away dead skin cells, but not scrubbing yourself so raw that your skin is overly red.  The end result should be that your skin is glowing and with a wonderful scrub your skin should be radiant, toned and deeply moisturised.  

You can make a homemade body scrub as there are countless body scrub recipes on the internet but if you want a heavenly experience and toned, soft and bump free skinwe think the best scrub is this one

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