How to apply Fake Tan - Tanning Tips

Heidi Reid

Posted on June 23 2014

 One of the best tanning tips is how to apply fake tan.  There's a fine line between faking it and making it.  Not only do you need to arm yourself with the best fake tan, but you also need to know how to execute these tanning tips.

Celebrity Spray Tanner - Jimmy Coco has sprayed celebs like Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum and the Victoria Secrets angels to name a few.  He has always been one of our fav international icons, not just because he's great at sunless tanning, but because, like us he's a strong advocator of the risks associated with UV tanning, and that's a passion close to our heart.

In the words of Jimmy, "everyone is tanning for their own reasons.  Whether you want to shave down your saddle bags or contour your abs".   But there is no point being amazingly buff, if you look like a fake tan disaster.

Unfortunately fake tans don't discriminate.  Celebrity spray tan disasters are as common as the everyday fake tan fail and while this post isn't going to name and shame them (but will flag our Christina Aguliera fake tan fail post here).  We want to arm you with the tools for looking flawlessly tanned, not rolled in Doritos orange.

Preparation is key! Failing to plan, is planning to fail.

We can say it until we're blue in the face, but your tan is only going to be as good as you prepare and care for it. Take note of these self tanning tips to give yourself the best head start.  You'll need the freshest base possible so your tan will last the longest.  Don't skimp on preparation. 


It's all in the wrist - no seriously!

When you want to know how to apply self tanner, don't panic, it's not rocket science.  Read the product description as to how to apply your specific tan, and then apply when you aren't in a rush and have plenty of time to apply and let dry.  

We love the attached demonstration from Amea May beauty.  It truly shows just how easy application is, and also fully highlights the amazing colour achieved by the Custom Tan Self Tanning & Instant Bronzer Mousse


Custom Tan has been voted Australia's Best Fake Tan 3 times, and is loved by beauty editors and international celebrities alike.  Katie Price loves Custom Tan, and a tanning applicator mitt is a must to achieve the perfect buffed self tanning glow.  To celebrate your succesful mission to uncovering the best fake tan - when you purchase a self tan mousse from Custom Tan during before July 31, simply enter 'KP' at checkout and for every tanning mousse you buy - we'll throw in a fully washable, reusable tanning mitt.

Be sure to share your successful tanning pics with a #customtan.

Have any other tanning tips to share?  We'd love to hear from you, please enter your comments below and share the love by sharing this post.

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