Are solariums the new smoking?

Heidi Reid

Posted on July 30 2014

If this statistic doens't make you sick, I'm not sure what will. A recent Teen Vogue article says that over 2 million American teens are taking to the sizzle station (aka solarium) every week to achieve the deathly faux glow.  

While the Eastern culture don't understand it, the Western culture converserly are literally dying for a tan.  Dark, golden limbs have been popular since Coco Chanel pioneered the tan as a status symbol back in the 1920s.  During that decade, Vogue had also clearly told their readers that "The 1929 women must be tan".  The continual rise and rise of the tan is well documented here and despite the risks, the tabu tan is still (excuse the pun) in vogue.

What are your thoughts?

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