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Heidi Reid

Posted on November 15 2014

There are so many different spray tan solutions on the market.  Organic, eco-certified, chocolate, violet or green based?  Here's the low down to give you the know how on making the right decision for your salon or mobile spray tanning business.   If you want to hear the audio of me talking through the details on what is the best spray tan solution please click here.


All Custom Tan solution is made using the highest grade DHA which means in terms of tanability, you can't get any better.  But - because we are all different, and our clients have different needs, we have three different types of solution to cater for everyone and our cele-worthy must have primer for underneath.


2 Hour Tan by Custom Tan 

Custom Tan's 2 Hour Tan was the first solution we made.  It is a violet base.  The violet base achieves a rich Mediterranean tan and available in regular 10% and dark 12.5% DHA.  Our regular tan is the perfect colour for brides, anyone with a fair complexion or people wanting a natural tan.  While the 12.5% dark is not as high in DHA as our darkest colour in our other lines, I challenge you to fault how dark this tan actually goes.  The 2 hour dark is a head office favourite.  The 2 hour regular, is the same tan that we use in our self tanning and instant bronzer mousse - which has 3 times been voted Australia's Best Fake Tan.  The 2 hour dark is the same tan we use in our Ultra Dark self tan and instant bronzer mousse.   


Moroccan by Custom Tan 

The Moroccan tan we manufacture is a green base tan and is absolutely alcohol free.  The regular Moroccan is a 12% and dark is 15% DHA.  This is a one hour tan, however the tan can be left on longer for darker results.  The addition of argan oil in this tan has so many skin beneficial properties.  Your skin will drink this tan, it's a little bit luxe :)


Fit Tan by Custom Tan

Fit Tan is our new baby, released this Spring with phenomenal results.  Tan and tone your body with Fit Tan which is perfect for body builders, athletes and spray tan clients who want a great tan, with the added benefit of toning properties.  Fit Tan is a chocolate base, and comes in 3 different percentages 10%, 12% and 15% DHA.  The toning comes from our patented Quad Toning QTT which includes caffeine, a well known ingredient in skin tightening.  


Ph Balancing Spray

A Ph spray is a fantastic way to prep the skin before applying sunless tan.  It's a vegan, completely clear product that sprays just like solution would.  You apply approximately 25ml over your clients body to ensure the ph levels of your client's skin is balanced before you immediately apply the bronzing solution over the top.  Think of this little baby as a primer for your skin. It works the same way as a primer does under your foundation.  Once you've tried it, you can tell the difference in results.  A bottle will last you roughly 40 tans, and it's a great product to offer as an upsell to clients, or as a reward or special occasion (weddings, formals) complimentary offering. 


So now you've read about the products, which tan should you buy?  

We don't pretend to know your target market better than you but can make the following suggestions.  1) ask around, see what people are after.  We find there are geographical pockets where people prefer to have a tan with argan oil in it, then areas that love violet base tans.  It's up to you.  Do you research and see if you want to do the same, or stand out from your competition.  

We do recommend that you DO NOT have a one tan fits all attitude.  Yes, one of the reasons we called Custom Tan, Custom Tan is because clients have the ability to customise the results by deciding on how long they wish to leave their tan on, but we definitely recommend you have atleast 2 different types of solution to suit your customers.  A regular and a dark tan is a great starting point either choose one of our lines for both colour options, or choose across the lines.   We do offer 2 packs, but significant savings start when you bundle your tan bottles.  You can mix and match whatever you like from our lines, and savings start from just 3 litres.  Still unsure, we offer between 1 and 8 sample bottles.   You can nab your sample here otherwise head to our professional collection here.

We always recommend a patch test, and if you have any known allergies always consult your gp.  Please be aware that we are very environmental and animal conscious.  I've been a vegetarian for over 20 years and we NEVER test on animals.  For more examples of Custom Tan and Fit Tan you can check us out on Instagram with the hashtags #customtan and #fittan

Hope this helps x


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