Question: Does ocean water and pool water affect the life of a spray tan?

Heidi Reid

Posted on December 18 2014


Salon Question:

Question: Does ocean water and pool water affect the life of a spray tan?



Any tan - whether it's spray tan or self tan, Custom Tan or another brand, is only going to stay on the skin as long as the skin cells tanned remain on the body.  So when clients ask how long will my tan last, the answer is how long is the skin going to stay on your body.  When trying to keep your tan on, we recommend you do the total opposite for how to remove your spray tan - check out the link below with all the what to and not to's.

I actually created our self tan range while I was on holiday to Fiji.  I went over to Fiji sporting an amazing Custom Tan spray tan, however after a week of swimming, by the time I was ready to leave Fiji, I looked more like I'd spent a week in the snow rather than on a tropical island.  Why - because the constant swimming forced my skin to regenerate quicker, so the skin cells I'd applied tan to back in Sydney before I left, were slowly coming off and floating around with the Fijian fish.  Sounds gross, but it's true.  Everyone gets a whole new coat of skin (epidermis) every 4-6 weeks.  Whether we are tanned or not, we are constantly shedding skin cells, however swimming accelerates the process.  

So - enter our self tan (3 times voted Australia's best).  This is the must have summer accessory to keep topping up your tan and ensure that you are bronzed this summer.

Head over and check out this blog post on How to Make Your Tan Last 

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