What fake tan is Katie Price applying to Katie Hopkins on Big Brother - Custom Tan

Heidi Reid

Posted on January 27 2015

If you're one of the 3 million people watching Celebrity Big Brother, it's likely that you're on of the 2,000 plus people asking where you can buy the tan that Katie Price took in as one of her house essentials.  

All the answers you need to know on where you can get it, how you can apply it etc etc

First we see Katie applying Custom Tan to Katie Hopkins in the Big Brother house, and other fellow contestants.

A few days later, we now see Katie Hopkins becoming a Custom Tan aficionado.  See her applying it to the boobs of Michelle Visage below and for the full story from the Mirror you can read it here


The fake tan that Katie Price has in the celebrity Big Brother house is using is Custom Tan Self Tanning & Instant Bronzer mousse.  

It's been awarded Australia's Best Fake Tan 3 times, and has a cult like following amongst beauty experts here down under, however Brits are flocking to the tan and we're selling bottles by the dozen each hour. The original colour is the one Katie Price took into the house, but it's also newly available in ultra dark for those who like to achieve a super dark colour.  

If you choose to purchase online both the original colour and the ultra dark both come with a free applicator mitt.  Shipping to England is approx 10 pound and product should arrive within the week.

If you don't want to wait, you can contact our UK stockist Jane (don't worry it's not Pountney) who is at Pristine Nails & Beauty in Shepard's Bush, London.  The best contact number is 079 3373 0153 or skissedbeauty13@gmail.com contact address on our stockist page.  Of course if you have any problems with ordering, please do contact us via comments below or the contact us page

We'd love it if you would join us on instagram where you can also see plenty of other examples of Custom Tan - check out our Instagram page and our Facebook page we also love sharing your tan pics, so please be sure to #customtan so we can share with our online audience too. 


We are delighted to be inundated with requests to become Custom Tan salons and stockists.  Please note you are invited to shop our wholesale collection where minimum order quantities apply.  Globally our stockists are welcome to a free listing on our tanner locator where your local clients can find you.




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  • Lesley robertson : April 17, 2015

    Families like us Charity (SC043484) would like to buy In the tan Katie price used in Celebritiy BiG Brother. Can we order on line?

  • kerry lambourne: February 09, 2015

    Hi there after seeing Katie price on big brother using your product i would love to give it a go. How long does this product last. Does it wash off, go on bedding and such. And could i get it regularly delivered as and when i need it in a short time. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks kerry

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