Katie Price Fake Tans fellow Big Brother house mates using Custom Tan

Bianca Hall

Posted on January 20 2015

Know Custom Tan, you'll probably know that Katie Price (aka Jordan) is one of our celebrity spray tan clients.  

I have the privilege of tanning Kate with our spray tan solution for media interviews, television appearances and product launches.  

While we provide Kate  with a constant supply of our award winning self tan mousse, I didn't quite imagine she'd take it for a run on celebrity Big Brother UK.   If you want to buy this tan online you can get it here alternatively if you are in London, you can contact Pristine Nails & Beauty.  Let us know what you think x

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  • Indulgence beauty salon: February 27, 2015

    Hi Nicky…
    If you email us on the above address we will be glad to supply and help you with custom tan products


  • nicola locke: January 21, 2015

    I need this tan katie price is using how can I order it I’m living in ireland? And how much In euros is Inn excited to try it tried so many tans thanks nicky xx

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