How To Achieve The Perfect Bridal Spray Tan

Heidi Reid

Posted on September 02 2016



How To Achieve The Perfect Bridal Spray Tan


There is no question about it – a nice, well-applied tan will give you that perfect glow. And if we’re only talking about weddings, it’s the glow from the bride that counts the most. A trip to the beach sounds like an ideal date before exchanging I do’s with the future husband, but you don’t really want to damage your skin with all that sun or have nasty burn marks do you?


Besides, with all the preparations that weddings require, alongside all the other specifications of the couples, mostly from the bride’s side, there’s no time to beach and chill. In cases like this, a handy spray tan will help you out. It only takes a couple of minutes to get that sunless glow, as opposed to a sun tan that can take you half a day to achieve and which can actually leave your skin sensitive, stingy, and sunburnt, but how exactly do you perfect that tan for the big day?


The Dos and Don’ts for Bridal Spray Tans


There’s no question that you need a tan before your wedding day. Your makeup would be on fleek, not a hair out of place, and your wedding gown – and the day itself – making you feel the queen that you are, but all those would be for nothing if you look pale, or worst still orange on what could be the most special day of your life.


Mistakes need to be avoided when spray tanning, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Since you’re going to face an extra significant day, it would be an extreme help to keep tabs on the dos and don’ts when doing a bridal spray tan and you can achieve the perfect glow like our beautiful bride Ally.



  • Start early. It takes about a month to get that perfect sunless tan since you’d be taking a trip to the salon several times. You have the freedom to keep proceeding or stop when you find the tone that you like.  There's not better reason to try out a spray tan than for your hen's. 
  • Apply a moisturiser to your nails.  Barrier cream or moisturiser would prevent your skin from getting too dark or from changing colours, like your nail beds.  Just don't have moisturiser on areas you do want tanned on your tanning day.
  • Wax or shave 24 hours before your session. Your pores need to be closed during your tanning session, which usually takes at least 12 hours. You can also do the ice trick, especially on your face so you won’t get too dark on that area.
  • Tan last - but just before hair - There is no point going for your spray tan appointment, to follow with nails.  Sure your pedicure will be pretty, but your tan will be patch.  Please - nails and defuzzing one day, tan next day, and then hair and makeup on your wedding day.  



  • Go to the gym if you’re using a temporary bronzer. This can strip your tan off and stain your clothes. It can also create streaks on your skin and make an uneven application.
  • Swim the day before. It’s important that you don’t dip in chemical water for 12-24 hours before getting your sunless tan. But it’s even better if you can ditch the pool for a longer period of time.


Preparation is the key


A soldier doesn’t go into battle unprepared. Likewise, don’t go to your tanning salon without knowing quick information about your salon and your sunless tan. Consulting with an expert is the best thing that you can do to have the most accurate answers to your buzzing questions, but a little research won’t hurt.


You can go to your tanning salon bearing a photo or idea of the tone that you’d like to get for your wedding. This would be easier for you and your tanning therapist. However, like other things, tanning has to undergo trials so you can make sure you’re getting the sunless tan that suits your skin and your wedding dress.  You want your tan to compliment your gown, just like the gorgeous bride Romy below.


Make sure that your skin is exfoliated well, particularly your knees, elbows, and heels, and is free from chemicals before spraying. Oils, makeup, perfumes, and similar products can ruin your spray tan.


During the spray tan


Regardless of what kind of dress you’re wearing, always tie your hair up to get an even tan on your chest, back, and face. 

To get the full sunless tan effect and an even colour on your skin, you can wear just thin underwear. You can even completely ditch it to make sure every inch of your visible skin is sprayed well.

We highly recommend investing in the Spray Tanning Dress.  The little black dress of beauty is the perfect post tan garment, and will stop you rubbing your tan off and keeping your skin breathable while you baste :) 

Lastly, it’s imperative that you stay out of water when your tan is just building up its consistency as splashes of water can leave streaks on your skin. If you ever get water on your skin, dab it dry. Never rub clothing on your skin even days after your tanning session so you don’t ruin it.  

If you are going to a destination wedding, be sure to pack some Travel Tan which not only provides sunscreen, but also a hydrating moisturiser with a gradual tanner in a package designed for on board cabin usage!  Arrive hydrated, protected and perfectly tanned - like Lara below.


After the spray tan


Keeping your spray tan packed and safe is the real challenge after having your entire body spritzed with some glow. Cold shower always does the trick in keeping your tan looking natural yet saturated enough. Stick to an oil-free moisturiser to even out the colour after every shower.

As with clothing, stay away from tight garments that can ruin your tan. Also, try not to sweat too much since this can desaturate your tan and you don’t want to keep packing them on especially a few days or hours before D-day.

Let's face it - weddings can be stressful, and all that material can make you kind of hot.  To make sure your tan doesn't come off on your gown, be sure to apply some talcum powder to anywhere you're known to sweat or in places your gown is tighter.  The talc will absorb the tan - and won't stain your dress.

It's a nice day for a WHITE WEDDING x


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