How to fix a wet spray tan - What to do if my fake tan gets rained on?

Heidi Reid

Posted on October 05 2022

While water usually gives life, it's the absolute enemy to spray tanning.  Here's some tips about what to do if you get caught in the rain with a fresh tan.

Step 1 - Use a setting powder  

Choose a salon that doesn't leave you with the post tan sticky and wet feeling after your appointment.  At Custom Tan we use the Jet Set Glow setting powder.  Clients are left feeling dry and their tans are mattified.  This also will help any potential light rain that comes in contact with the skin while your spray tan is developing.  Jet Set Glow can be used for self tanning at home, and is perfect for all "wet situations" - apply on any day - not just tanning days all over your body to help absorb any perspiration, or any where you have sweaty bits - think under arms, under boobs, base of back etc.  Jet Set Glow is available in a our best selling brush/powder duo, a travel size and bulk size for busy tanners.

Step 2 - Timing is everything

If you have just left your appointment and get caught in the rain, go back to your spray tan technician.  A newly set tan is easier to fix than a dry one.  Fixing tans does take time though - so if you come to us, please know as we often book back to back and we won't hold up other clients. We pride ourselves on running to time and with appointment slots allocated to just 15 minutes to fit everyone in, its imperative clients are punctual - and so are we.  We happily do our best to accommodate everyone but prefer to give you the resources to prevent any dilemmas. 


Step 3 - Dots equals dab 

If a spray tan gets a few dots from the rain, fear not.  It's likely you can fix it.  Get a slightly damp (not wringing wet) face cloth and scrunch the cloth into a ball.  Fit the cloth in the palm of your hand so it does not come into contact with any other areas of the body.   Lightly dab the affected area of skin and gently buff the spray tan bronzer in the area.  Using a light amount of dampness combined with gentle friction will lift some of the bronzer and should allow you to blend the area by redistributing the tan on the skin.  It is rare that sprinkles of rain really affect the final result of a tan, but the dab technique for either spray tan technicians or clients to do themselves at home should work perfectly.  If you find you need a little more help applying a 1/4 teaspoon of moisturiser such as our tan extending moisturiser will help blend even further.  Breathe - it'll be all good.

Step 4 - Runs equals rub 

Unfortunately if your tan is running down your skin, it's all but ruined.  Honestly the best thing to do is to remove the tan from that area of skin by rubbing it off with a wet face cloth, drying it with a towel and reapplying the tan.   This process takes time - the same amount of time as a full appointment and for this reason, while we are prepared to spray you at no cost if you return within an hour of your original appointment, in order for us not to hold up our other clients, you will need to wait until we have space to bring you back in to the tan room and help correct your tan.  If you do not have the ability to return to your spray tan technician, you will need to try the dab approach first, then blending with some moisturiser.  If that doesn't work because the damage is too far gone, you are going to need a tinted sunless tanning product such as our award winning mousse to replace the lost colour.

Step 5 - Nothing beats this most important tip 

Of course none of the above is going to matter if you do the most important thing, and that's prep.  Come prepared and no amount of water can ruin your tan.  You can never be too prepared for a spray tan in the rain.  Do not run late, rushing potentially arriving wet, don't wear clothing or footwear that isn't going to cover you adequately.  Besides bringing an umbrella, we have experienced tanning clients that choose options such as to bring additional towels, wear  dressing gowns, ugh boots, hoodies, gloves.  You don't need to dress up for your spray tan appointment - we understand that this is where you come for your appointment for when you are GOING to get dressed up :) typical spray apparel is not anyone's normal get up, nor is it ours.  Although we do love to always wear black after all.  We love looking after our clients, and if you've parked in one of our spots as indicated on our website, we'll happily escort you under an umbrella to your car, but please please please come prepared for Armageddon when its raining cats and dogs.  It's the safest way for you to end up looking like you've been kissed by the sun gods rather than Thor. 

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